RE: To eat fish.

Yes, I’m craving sushi.

Ever since I stopped eating meat 8 months ago I haven’t really craved sushi very much.

I know that a few months ago I had a bad first post-completely-vegetarian sushi experience. But I gave it another try and it wasn’t so bad.

I mean, I missed eating it but whenever I went to a sushi restaurant I somehow wanted to only order the veggie rolls (which are pretty good by the way depending on where you go).

I still feel like I should just go completely vegetarian and give up fish but at the same time it kind of makes life a bit easier by saying yes to fish from time to time.

I know it sounds like I’m caving in by conforming and pleasing other people but it just is easier.

So it’s been sort of an internal dilemma for me.

At home I don’t cook fish because I don’t want to buy it unless I eat out. And when I do it is only if I’m going out to eat at a restaurant that doesn’t have anything vegetarian or if I’m over at a friend’s house.

We’ll see what I order when I go out for sushi tonight.

Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind again…

And in other news, I want to give a big shout out to Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks Kristen! (If you haven’t checked out her blog go now… or after you finish reading my post :P )

Here’s what this award is all about:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
  2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to other versatile bloggers.
  4. Let the giver of the award know if you’ve accepted the award or not.

Ready, set, go!

  1. Even though I don’t follow sports very much, I get super into games when I watch them on TV. I know that yelling louder at the television does not mean that they can hear me. :P

    (Courtesy of

  2. Dressing up my dog is one of my favorite things. (But I don’t think it goes the other way around.)
  3. Last Halloween I dressed up as Snooki. Yes, I did. Don’t judge me. That show is pure entertainment. (By the way, I had a better hair poof at the beginning of the night :P
  4. I like to watch UFC. I don’t know why. I guess this is what happens when you hang out with your guy friends too much.  By the way, GSP is pretty easy on the eyes! :)
  5. I can fold my tongue into a squiggle.
  6. I’ve never changed a diaper. (Not sure if I want to change this.) None of my close friends have a baby. I was never around my cousins when they were babies. Quite frankly, I’m kind of scared of them. Kids I can handle. Babies are on a whole other level.

    (Courtesy of ToyFoto)

  7. I start my new job as a pediatric clinical dietitian on Monday! (Ohh… the irony.)

    (Courtesy of

Now I will pass the torch on to these fellow bloggers:

Allison @ Picky Eating RD

Nicole @ Nicole Nutrition

Kristen @ Naturally Free RD

Gretchen @ Veggie Grettie

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend! TGIF!

Do you have any weird or unique things about yourself?

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  1. Thanks ladies! I don’t really like labels much myself. I think I will try and focus less on the part about not wanting to eat it and listen to when my body is craving it! :) And sushi this past weekend was delicious and guilt free! :)

  2. I agree…forget about the label! Just eat sushi/fish if your body is craving it and the other times know that you’re fueling your body with exactly what it craves.

    The sushi looks delicious, by the way!!

  3. I’m against labels for that reason. :) If you want the fish, get it :) If you don’t, others will cope!

    CONGRATS on the new job! It sounds wonderful! Post about it!! Curious minds want to know all about it :)
    Nicole, RD recently posted..Tofu and Vegetables with Asian Cilantro Sauce

  4. I don’t think there really needs to be such a dilemma over real sushi. If you feel like having fish, just have fish. If you crave veggie sushi, then there is no reason why shouldn’t order that as well. The thing about labeling yourself vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian/whatever is that it just limits and restricts your freedom, when your diet should really just be personal freedom.


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